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Butcher Tool

Tooling such as this matching set of butcher tools or side sets can be made of mild steel or case hardened with Kasenite, case hardening compound. You can also use a heat resistant steel like H-13 or S-7, if desired.

The tooling in the photos consists of motor shaft collars that are tig welded to round shafts that fit the tooling hole in the fly press ram. This tooling was made by John Crouchet. I plan on offering this kind of tooling to anyone who doesn't have a tig welder or just wants to buy tooling ready made, so they can get to work and not have to build each tool for their fly press. The shaft collars serve as a pressure plate to spread the force across the face of the ram. You don't want the tool to touch the top of the ram tooling hole. This could upset your tool or break the ram over time.

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