Professional Smithing: Traditional Techniques for Decorative Ironwork, Whitesmithing, Hardware, Toolmaking, and Locksmithing

Professional Smithing is for the intermediate to advanced blacksmith. This is a wonderful book for those who want to learn how to implement some production techniques into the way they work. However, if you're only making one item, this is still a great book. It mainly deals with Colonial American ironwork, but includes the techniques of the "whitesmith". The whitesmith uses files etc to remove the fire scale from his work to give it a more polished look. You will learn how to make decorative forks, candle holders, lighting, locks and also deal with making your owndies for repetitive forging of items. I highly reccommend this book for someone who has spent some time at the anvil. At $22.95 this is an excellent value. If you implement only a couple of the techniques in this book it'll have paid for itself many times over. One of the few books that get into the details of lockmaking.

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