Decorative Antique Ironwork: A Pictorical Treasure

If you want to see some of the finest ornamental ironwork ever created in Europe since Roman times, you have to buy this book. This book is so comprehensive in scope that it's mind boggling. This is a hefty volume that contains 4500 objects on 415 photographic plates. It covers everything from the gothic work found in churches to gargoyles, grills, dragons, door knockers, hinges, locks, escutcheons, signs and brackets and locks and keys. The second part of the books is small iron and steel objects like: jewelry, key rings, small boxes, scissors, sewing accessories, religious symbols and sundials, clocks, furniture, lighting, fixtures, fireplace accessories, kitchen equipment and various tools and surgical instruments. If it was made and made well, it's in this book. The book is a steal at only $15.36. No serious student of ironwork can be without this book. It is taken from a 1924 French catalog of the extensive collection in the Le Secq des Tournelles Museum in Rouen, France.

You'll never again be able to say that I can't think of anything to make after seeing this book. I consider this the best value at twice the price available anywhere. Order it now before they raise the price. This book is truly awesome!

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