Colonial Wrought Iron

Colonial Wrought Ironwork is one the best collections of colonial American wrought ironwork in America. However, to consider that this is one man's collection is truely overwhelming. Written by a blacksmith and with plenty of clear black and white photos anyone interested in colonial ironwork needs to add this book to their collection. At $44.00 this is not the least expensive book out there, but if you are into colonial American ironwork, you have to have this book.

Here's what the Maine Antiques Digest said about this book.

    Illustrated in this book is the lifetime collection of James C. Sorber of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Sorber, now in his 80s, has amassed an astonishing array of objects, from andirons to woodworking tools, illustrated here in 505 black-and-white photographs, many of which depict multiple items. Items are grouped under five categories: hearth and kitchen, domestic items, tools, and Conestoga wagon. Theres a handy index in case your arent sure where to find, for example, ice tongs (under tools) or button-hole cutters (under domestic items). Also included is a list of blacksmiths signatures with the names of items (but not the page numbers) on which they are found. The drawback of basing a book on a single-owner collection is that it might be missing items, but this collection appears to be an exhaustive one. According to the author, Sorber often refers to his collection as the Blacksmiths Legacy Museum for it is, indeed, a legacy to the thousands of blacksmiths who la! help keep America growing. Readers with an interest in early American wrought iron can be grateful that Sorber has shared his legacy

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