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Austrian Style Workhorse

The single horn anvils come in a variety of weights from 180 pounds up to 556 pounds. They look similar to a London style anvil but have several important differences. They don't have a pritchel hole, but do offer an offset face that has a kind of bench that runs along for part of the face. This bench allows you to radius part of the offside face of the anvil and can function as a fuller for drawing out and bending hot steel.

This type of anvil has been used for centuries on the continent of Europe. On the "Smaller Austrian Anvils" page you can see a photo of a blacksmith making a scroll on the face of an anvil that looks very similar to the ones I offer. In place of a pritchel hole most smiths will make a bolster block. A bolster block is nothing more than a 3"x5"x3/8" piece of mild steel that drill or punch a variety of holes in. You then place the bolster block over your hardy hole and your ready to accurately punch holes until your heart's content. You will actually get much more precise holes using the bolster block.

Note: If you look at this Austrian style anvil it has what are called "Church Windows". These can be used as swedges to make vessels, goblets, and for other types of jobs that require a swedge. The depth is over one inch deep.

556 lbs. 32.7" 16.5" 5.5" 1.18" N/A   $3750.
473 lbs. 30.7" 15.3" 5.5" 1.18" N/A X P.O.R.
336.5 lbs. 28.7" 13.8" 4.7" 1.18" N/A X P.O.R.
224 lbs. 24.7" 12.0" 4.1" 1" N/A   $1508.
180 lbs. 23.6" 11.2" 3.5" 1" N/A   $1200.
112 lbs. 19.5" 9.5" 3.5" 1" N/A   $800.

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