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We will not be undersold! We will meet or beat any competitors published price. No handling fees on anvils over 100 lbs.

We have the lowest prices on anvils, anywhere. Because of the volume of our sales, we will always offer you the best prices and will work hard to qualify for all of your business. Serving the Blacksmith, Metalsmith and Bladesmithing Markets since June 2000.

Our Old World Anvils are made of a high carbon, manganese steel. This alloy delivers an 85 to 90% rebound.

We now live in an age of "designer steels", an alloy can be created to resist shock (S-7) or high temperatures (H-13) and the alloy in Old World Anvils is designed to deliver a superior metal moving platform for forging hot steel. Through the use of modern steels, a high quality cast steel given the proper alloy and correct heat treatment will perform as well or better than any anvil on the market. With over 550 anvils shipped since June of 2000, the blacksmith - metalsmith market has proven this to be true.

All of Old World Anvils go through a double temper process, with the edges being left tougher than the rest of the anvil face to prevent chipping. We are confident that you will be happy with your new Old World Anvil and look forward to including you amongst our more than 500 anvils customers.

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